Be Authentic


Maral Jafarian is an Iranian Oslo-based artist and Jewelry designer. Her modern works celebrate the female spirit and build on her strength as a mother, lover, and human being. She moved to Oslo in 2014 where she has been running her studio and gallery Since 2016. Her works have been largely exhibited in Iran, Kuwait, and Norway.

Maral paints her emotions and follows their trace wherever they take her, through various forms, mediums, and motifs. They are an authentic and creative depiction of Love through its ups and downs, particularly in her series "The Women Inside me" where she explored this journey in-depth, and currently working on her latest exhibition "Transformation".

Maral has also been taking her intricate art and subtleties to Jewelry design and is expressing her sentiments with a delicate combination of metals and stones.

At her gallery Maralkunst's " JEWELRY LAND" you can find an enormous collection of handmade jewelry of various designers made with different materials like Silver, Brass, Copper, stainless steel, and semiprecious stones which she is collecting in her life journey from all over the world.

Including vintage jewelry.

She also has her own special taste. She

Design and redesign some of the jewelry on her own.

She recently added photography in her artworks to bring more joy while expressing style and the pleasure that comes within through applying a very simple delicate taste of jewelry that compliments any kind of style.

Her Gallery is located in Oslo/Norway where you can find both her paintings and jewelry collection and design.